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european product design award | 2017

Jannis Ellenberger Wins European Product Design Award for Nordic Space Bed


Press Release  24-04-2017


European Product Design Award honors the best in the product design globally with the goal of advancing the appreciation of design worldwide. The Designs of the Year 2017 were announced at the EU Parliament on April 12th.


We are glad to have won the European Product Design Award Gold in the category  Home Interior Products / Bedroom Furniture with Nordic Space Bed!




Initially designed for Chicago based brand CB2 Drommen Bed quickly became a bestseller and was finally introduced in fall 2016 for european mattress sizes handcrafted in Germany as part of our new NORDIC SPACE FURNITURE COLLECTION.


We focus on ecological aspects and manufacture the bed in solid oak wood with natural oiled finish and linen/cotton upholstery fabric. Locally produced in South Germany (Oberfranken – a region with a strong tradition in fabrication of furniture) we use timber cut in nearby forests which have been operated sustainably for generations. Avoiding any unnecessary transportation we aim to keep climate footprint as low as possible and deliver our furniture directly from production plant to final customers all over Europe.


Available for all standard mattress sizes, Nordic Space Bed provides high comfort with upholstered headboards not only when sleeping but also as soft backrests when reading or sharing breakfast on sunday morning…


Nordic Space Bed is build to last!


In 2006 Jannis Ellenberger established a studio for product- and interior design in Bremen, Germany, which offers design services to manufacturing companies worldwide.
Next to his work as a designer he realized an own furniture collection: ellenberger furniture can be purchased in his own exclusive online shop and are sold to select retailers in Europe.


designer: Jannis Ellenberger, Bremen, Germany –

manufacturer: Torsten Anders Wellness- und Möbelmanufaktur GmbH, Germany

photographer: Alexander Fanslau, Bremen, Germany –

press contact:



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redesign of brand | 2016

redesign of brand and new Ellenberger Design GmbH


Past year brought many changes to my design studio. Starting with a redesign of my website and a new logo, I split my company into two branches.


While now called ellenberger studio continues to work on design projects just as before, new established Ellenberger Design GmbH takes over responsibility for my own furniture collections and the associated online shop – which also has been completely redesigned.


When reopening our online in september, first items of brand new NORDIC SPACE COLLECTION have been introduced.


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10 year anniversary | celebrate with us | 2016

10 year anniversary | 2006 – 2016


10 eventful and exciting years have passed since I started my design business in 2006. But sure not all activities proceeded according to plan. And in the end it was just those little setbacks which generated unforeseen creative processes and made me break new ground…


I thank all business partners and customers for keeping on placing their trust in me!





We are going to hold quite some surprises in store for you… little and larger GIFTS, VOUCHER CAMPAIGNS or little competitions will be spread over the year. It will be worth to check our online shop and our facebook site every once in a while.


We are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary together with you!


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photo shooting in bremer woll-kämmerei | 2015

photo shooting in historic district of former wool combing factory in bremen


photos: Alexander Fanslau



This fall the PRIVATE SPACE FURNITURE COLLECTION was extended by several new items. For two days the corporation for economic development in Bremen provided the protected brick buildings of the former wool combing factory for our photo shooting.


The BWK AG was founded in 1883 and soon became a world leading corporation for industrial wool combing with up to 4.000 employees impacting the development of the whole north of Bremen. The plant had its own port at the river Weser and grew constantly. Own branches in Australia and New Zeeland were established to secure raw material supply. At its peaks the wool of 20.0000 sheep were processed every day. Production was not shut down until the gates were finally closed in 2009 as a result of the global financial system crisis. It is hiostory now, but you can still see the traces of the past all over the production halls…



—> view final pictures of the photo session



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german design award | nominee | 2015

debe.deline is nominated for German Design Award


Press Release  17-06-2015


Modular furniture system debe.deline which has been developed in close cooperation with kids furniture manufacturer De Breuyn is now nominated for GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016.




“The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: discovering, presenting and awarding unique design trends. Every year, top-quality submissions from product and communications design are awarded, all of which are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape. The German Design Award, started in 2012, is already one of the best-known design competitions in the world and is held in high regard well beyond professional circles,” says German Design Council about its award.




Kids always want to be around their parents. They are learning by imitating adults and have an unappeasable desire for growing up and being part of it! Besides the needs of families have changed dramatically over the past years.


So the central idea behind this design is not to separate kids from the adults world. This modular system of storage, working and seating furniture considers both, adults and children‘s requirements and suits private, public and workspaces not necessarily connected to kids.


In 2006 Jannis Ellenberger established a studio for product- and interior design in Bremen, Germany, which offers design services to manufacturing companies and is mainly working on designs of furniture, lighting and accessories.
Next to his collaboration with several national and international companies he realized a furniture collection running under the label of his own studio. Since a couple of years he operates an exclusive online shop offering the furniture of his collection next to further select items he designed for other labels.


designer: Jannis Ellenberger, Bremen, Germany –

manufacturer: De Breuyn Möbel GmbH, Köln, Germany –

photo: Alexander Fanslau, Bremen, Germany –

press contact:


—> further infos on concept and cooperation with De Breuyn


DD_b | interview | 2015

—– > read article on february issue of italian magazine DD_b as pdf









What do you think about Italian Design?
There are certainly many interesting Italian designers which are very important for international design history. Just to name a couple of them: pioneers like Achille Castiglioni or Giorgio Giugiaro, the designer of the VW Golf who contributed to make VW a success story. In terms of furniture, the design world would not be the same without some very spirited Italian manufacturers – there certainly is a reason why world’s most important furniture fair is in Milano…


What’s the most important thing to know about you as a designer?
To be honest I would say that I am personally more influenced by Scandinavian design. It is quite natural that different climatic and social parameters result in different designs. Just think about long and dark winter nights in Scandinavia for example. There is a need for totally different furniture in southern Italy, where people rather need a cool shelter on hot summer days.




What is the most distinctive quality of your projects?
Whereas I was socialized in the northern part of Europe, I always try to add a warm touch and feel to my designs. Further we increasingly need a place to calm down and relax at home as a balance to the stressful outer world. This is why wood for example is such an important material to me, it is very natural and has a warm surface feel. My Designs are rather quite in a way, clean and basic yet having a clear statement and always integrating some nice details. A good design is nothing more nor less than the total of many well designed details.




What is the concept of the Private Space Furniture Collection? How was the cooperation with HI-MACS® born?
I wanted to pick up former traditions of the usage of water inside a house. People used to have a simple bowl of water or pitcher on a table. Last century, when waterlines and taps were installed, small sinks were put in the sleeping rooms, because people were just used to have water there. It took some more time, until water completely disappeared from sleeping rooms. And now I was trying to tie up to this tradition, to bring together again sleeping room and bathroom. As a matter of fact just like the trend of kitchen and living room growing together to one big room. You could carry it as far as to follow a concept of a two room house or apartment. One room that you share with your guests (kitchen + living room) and one room that is private (sleeping and body care). That is why I called the whole project “Private Space Furniture Collection”. At the very beginning of the collection there were the washstand, the bed, bench and valet.
When it all started I was even thinking about using wood only. There is a very interesting technology of molding plywood in 3D shapes. But we pretty fast ended up to use mineral composite for the sink. This can be thermo-molded and it is thus predestinated for organic and flowing shapes, like a landscape, natural shapes of lakes and rivers where the water flows through. Shapes that are a pleasure to touch, to follow with your hands and to watch the water going down. In HI-MACS® we found the perfect partner for my project. They provided material support in a quick and uncomplicated way and connected me to manufacturers having the necessary knowhow. Even though it does not look like it, the shape of the Private Space Washstand is pretty much at the limit to what a one piece sheet of mineral composite allows to do.




What is the role of new technology in design, in the spaces of the house (Bathroom)?
Next to the necessity of saving some natural ambience and behavior in homes, especially in rooms that serve wellness and care of health, we definitely need high tech solutions as well. But I hope that engineers will do it not just for our personal pleasure and comfort. Housing is one of the major sectors in terms of burning up energy and material. So we rather have to install smart resource and energy saving technologies that operate in the background in order to make our planet be worth living on for future generations.



modular system for de breuyn at imm | 2015

kids furniture introduced by de breuyn – imm cologne 2015


After months of work final prototypes are presented at De Breuyn in-house exhibition within IMM Cologne fair. Developing a complex system of modular furniture takes quite some time and patience, but after many meetings and discussions, crafting of numerous samples and countless e-mails we are now all set to offer the furniture to retailers and architects.



Looking forward to meet you at




Girlitzweg 30, 50829 Köln

19.-25.1.2015, 9-18h






—> winning of KIDS DESIGN AWARD fall 2014 is background of cooperation with De Breuyn



images below give an idea of the long way to go from the initial sketches to the readiness for marketing:


chai tea set | friesland porzellanfabrik | 2015

Tea set Chai now available in Maple Wood


“Functional white” was the title of our exhibition in Milan past april. Together with March Gut we decided to put only white and light wood items on the show. So we asked Frisland Porzellanfabrik if they could manufacture a tea set in maple wood, which they did – especially for the fair. When we met in Friesland after the fair everyone was spontaneously enthusiastic about the combination of brilliant white porzellain and the light maple wood. The decision was made right away:


Chai has been sold successfully in dark walnut for years and is now available in maple wood as well. It can be ordered in our little online shop.       —>  shop now



photo credits:  Alexander Fanslau, Bremen


open studio | 2014

once again many visitors at open studio event in Bremens “Viertel”


As every fall many studios and artist’s workshops had their doors wide open on first november weekend and gave chance to look behind the scenes and discover quite some backyards which are normally not open to the public. And as every year we took part as well. Together with garden designer Olof Schlittenhardt we turned our studio into a little apartment, including a terrace with a small pond in front. Our honorable neighbor and artist Hannes Golda contributed some of his paintings and humorous wooden figures. By the way, his workshop is always worth a visit – you will never leave his place without a smile on your face.


Thanks to all visitors for stopping by!