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nordic space collection | new furniture | 2016

NORDIC SPACE FURNITURE COLLECTION  –  start of a new collection – 2016


manufacturer: Torsten Anders Wellness- und Möbelmanufaktur GmbH, Germany

material:  solid oak, oiled / linen fabric

photo credits:  Alexander Fanslau, Bremen



Jannis originally designed drommen bed for CB2, US brand based in Chicago. Drommen bed very quickly became one of CB2’s bestsellers. Because the designer was asked so many times, if the bed was available for european mattress sizes as well, he soon decided to introduce the item as Nordic Space Bed. A chair and sofa is also part of the new ellenberger collection.






A new pavilion as part of an old north german farm was used for the photo shoot. Designed by Bremen based architect brothers Wirth, old refurbished bricks from a run-down farm nearby were used for the small multi-purpose building plus the huge planks used for the doors were taken from an old oak tree which grew on the very same property but was struck by lightning. Thank you so much Wirth Architects!


New Nordic Space furniture can be ordered online at ellenberger shop.





private space collection | new items | 2015



manufacturer: Torsten Anders Wellness- und Möbelmanufaktur GmbH, Germany

material:  solid ash / solid oak, oak veneer, MDF white

photo credits:  Alexander Fanslau, Bremen


—> look behind the scenes of photo shooting



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debe.deline | de breuyn | 2015

debe.deline  | de breuyn  |  2015


client:  De Breuyn Möbel GmbH, Köln

material:  Eiche, Lodenstoff, Melamin weiß

photo credits:  De Breuyn Kindermöbel



modular furniture system for kids and adults



winner of KIDS DESIGN AWARD 2014


—> nominated for GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016


—> further infos on concept and cooperation with De Breuyn



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envelope lamp | woud | 2015

envelope lamp  |  woud  |  2015


client:  Woud, Horsens, Denmark

material:  lacquered sheet metal, LED

photo credits:  Woud, ellenbergerdesign



Woud is a new danish brand. Offering furniture, lighting and home accessories Woud is honestly dedicated to nordic design heritge, to simplicity and perfection. Starting on Copenhagen fair, passing Cologne and Stockholm and going all the way down to Milan in april, they are presenting their first ambitious collection on most important furniture hotspots.


This lamp truly deserved its name: “Envelope”

While a LED is very flat indeed – why shouldn’t be the whole lamp flat as well? The flatter a packaging is, the cheaper it can be send off. An important fact a designer may has to take care of in times of growing online markets. This lamp fits any standard size envelop! Further it somehow includes the customer into the design process: after unpacking he has to bend up the lamp into its final position by his own hands…



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