Jannis Ellenberger was born in 1974 in Kassel, Germany. First he served an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker to finally continue his studies at the Academy of Design in Münster. In 2006 he established a studio for product- and interiordesign in Bremen, which is mainly working on designs of furniture, lighting and accessories and has been collaborating with several national and international companies since such as CB2 (USA), Prandina (I), Lumess (CH), Woud (DK) or Friesland Porzellanfabrik (D). Besides he realized an own furniture collection running under the label of his own studio.


ellenbergerdesign is a small company with one employee. But in the background there is a network of creative and skilled specialists to guarantee innovative ideas and a professional project handling. Customizing design services to the needs of each client means not at least providing support throughout the whole process of design. This approach has already resulted some trustful and long term relationships.




My name stands for quality, creativity and authenticity.




In the international competition design has proven to be the crucial motor for innovation. It increasingly becomes one of the most important means to differentiate and position your product in your specific marked. Good design improves your company’s image, the working atmosphere, and not at least your sales. All different kinds of aspects have to be considered. Next to creativity and aesthetics, there are technology, ergonomics, economy and ecology which serve as the main guidelines. Good design combines functionality with aesthetics. It is my objective to match the expectations of my clients and the requirements of the user of a product.





… and we as designers shape his environment, the rooms and objects that surround him. We moderate between man and product. And not at least we have to take on responsibility for ecology. I often learn from the natural things around me. Their originality inspires me. In other words I would like my work to be recognized as concentrated on the essential. A clear expression of forms and true emotions make it easy for the user to not just understand, but to experience a product.