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It took some years for the collection to grow together out of several single items. But having met Torsten Anders, CEO of the Anders Wellness- und Möbelmanufaktur GmbH, certainly helped to finalize pre-commercial development and finally introduce the furniture collection in the end of 2012.



Since living room and kitchen have been growing together as the public spaces of a private home, the original conception of the furniture collection met the same trend taking place at the private areas such as bathroom and bedroom – that is why it is called PRIVATE SPACE. Clear and straight design, soft white in combination with natural wood and open space interior arrangements create an atmosphere of comfort, ease and recreation.

Whereas washstand, bench or bed of the PRIVATE SPACE furniture collection combine bath- and bedroom to the private zone of an apartment, the collection also extends to the “public” space of a home, which is the place you share with your guests. Well suitable for office use also, the clear and straight designs of these furniture pick up traditional timber joints, but still create a modern atmosphere of comfort and ease.



A good idea has no value without the perfect teamwork of everyone being involved in its realization. “I always try to add a warm touch of ease and recreation to my designs in contrast to the stressful outside world.” That is why Jannis Ellenberger continues to use wood as a natural material for his works. Designed with a lot of care and sensitivity he realized the PRIVATE SPACE collection in close cooperation with furniture manufacturer Torsten Anders Wellness- und Möbelmanufaktur GmbH. Combining modern serial production with strong quality controls, all items of the collection are manufactured under one roof. Processing solid wood requires not only special knowledge and experience, but also a passion for the material – a true basis for furniture that last more than a lifetime.

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