racquet collection

client: Hans K, Kinna, Sweden
material: solid oak wood, rattan, black metal
photo credits: Studio-D David Andren


Swedish brand Hans K commissioned Jannis with a redesign of Racquet Media Bench which was selling good, but needed an update. It soon became clear that this would not only include new storage pieces in three different sizes – media bench, sideboard and cabinet – but had great potential to be extended to a broader collection of furniture such as dining chair and table, desk, various size coffee tables, lounge chair, etc.



The name Racquet actually is a concept in two ways: first of all it refers to the natural cane material lending its touch and feel from tennis rackets. But it also refers to the process of designing a furniture: like in a tennis or a ping pong game the ball has been played back and forth between the designer and the producer until the design was perfect enough and ready for the market. In case of Racquet collection Jannis and Hans K were playing an intense tennis game that lasted more or less exactly two years, starting with first ideas and discussions at Hans K studio in Kinna only a few days before first covid lockdown in march 2020.


–> read interview with Henrik Karlsson owner of Hans K



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